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kor kor
Cancer Selectivity
Viral capsid engineering

Adenovirus or Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is being actively developed as a vector for delivering therapeutic genes or genetic materials to the human body. The proteins and protein layers that make up the surface of these viruses are called capsids. If people have ever had an adenovirus or AAV infection, they are likely to have antibodies against the capsid. In the antibody present environment, the virus administered to treat the disease is also neutralized by these antibodies. Thus, the virus disappears without properly showing its efficacy. On the other hand, the therapeutic virus needs to be repeatedly administered several times. Even in the case of a person who does not have an antibody against capsid, after the first administration of the therapeutic viral vector, the antibody is produced, and repeated administration is no longer an option.

Curigin genetically modified the capsid surface so that the capsid is not exposed to the antibody and designed a viral vector that can be administered repeatedly to people who already have antibodies. The technology can be applied to intractable diseases or chronic diseases that require continuous treatment administration for the expected therapeutic outcome.