kor kor

큐리진 큐리진

kor kor
준비중입니다 준비중입니다 준비중입니다


  • 04Technology transfer of the 'CA102' pipeline of Curigin anticancer gene therapy paper

    Chong Kun Dang
  • 04Joint Research Agreement Enters For Bispecific RNAi Platform Technology

    LG Chemical


  • 07Merck Life Sciences Wins Contest to Discover Promising Bio Startups

  • 07[Grnat] Gene editing, control, and restoration based technology development (R&D)

    Korea Research Foundation
  • 04[Grant] 2023 National New Drug Development Project (R&D)

    National New Drug Development Project Group


  • 03[Grant] National New Drug Development Task

    National New Drug Development Project Group
  • 01[Grant] Big3 Innovation Start-up Package

    Business Start-up Promotion Agency


  • 09[Grant] Bio·Medical Technology

    -Seoul Business Agency-
  • 04[Bridge Funding] Investment

    LB Investment, Company K Partners, Hana Financial Investment, Time Folio, Wooshin
  • 01Technical Research Personnel Company

    Korea Military Manpower Administration


  • 07[Grant] Unicorn 200

    Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 06[Grant] Big3 venture

    Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • 04[Grant] Investment-linked growth supporting

    Korea Ministry of Science and ICT


  • 05[Series A] Investment

    KIP(Korea Investment Partners), DSC Investment, Schmidt
  • 03Curigin headquarter relocation

    Seongdong-gu, Seoul forest


  • 05Registered as trademarks

  • 03Certification Company R&D Center

  • 03[Pre-A] Investment

    KIP(Korea Investment Partners, DSC Investment


  • 03Approved as a ‘Venture company’

  • 02Foundation of Curigin co., Ltd.