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Curigin Annual Newsletter (2021)

관리자 │ 2021-06-29

Curigin Annual Newsletter 2021.pdf



Curigin Annual Newsletter: 2021 | Issue No. 1

We are beginning our series of Annual newsletters to provide several key updates on our progress in developing our oncolytic RNAi therapeutics to stakeholders and any interested parties.

The key highlights of this issue are as follows:
1) Bridge Funding (>$10M USD)
2) Expanded R&D Facilities
3) Scientific Advisory Board Establishment
4) Pre-IND Submission (US FDA)
5) Global Partnering Conference Attendance
6) Advances in Lead Pipeline Development

Please download a PDF of our 2021 issue using the above link.
A Korean version of the 2021 Newsletter will be available soon.

이전글 주권제출공고 (※공고기간 : 2021.06.15 ~ 2021.07.15)
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